It's a common story!

YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE AT THE CENTRE OF YOUR ONLINE MARKETING with SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook or Twitter being seen as an important strand to communicate with existing customers who use it on a regular basisStage 1: You put your business or organisation website up with great intentions to keep it current and up to date but then you get side-tracked by other issues or simply don't have time.

Stage2: You find it is just easier and more fun to update your Facebook page AND everyone seems to “like” you and you get people being your “friend” and making comments!


....and you will see that, given your potential market in the area, there really aren't that many people who “like” you or are your “friends” and that any “comments” you get seem to come from the same few people!

WHERE'S IT GONE?.... know you know it! Put something on your Facebook page and it pops up instantly on your “friends” or “likes” page. Within a few minutes, it's disappeared to the bottom of their page or they have already turned off notifications from you because there's too many or they have lost interest!


ALERT - The World's Most Dangerous Computer Attack is Rampant in the UK

Following a recent attack on the entire network of one of our customers, NetStretch has been looking into this nasty threat.

Ransomware in an email pretending to come from the Royal Mail or other organisation can permanently encrypt all files on your PC!

CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan which targets computers running Microsoft Windows and first surfaced in September 2013.

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New Site for Fairline Kitchens

Having been with us for a long time, Fairline Kitchens have recently launched a new re-vamped website. We wish them every success!

Armagh Credit Union

NetStretch are pleased to announce that we now look after “in-House” advertising for Armagh Credit Union.

“In-Store” 40” TV Monitor displaying information about Armagh Credit Union and its services runs constantly during the working day in the customer area of Armagh Credit Union.

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