It's a common story!

YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE AT THE CENTRE OF YOUR ONLINE MARKETING with SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook or Twitter being seen as an important strand to communicate with existing customers who use it on a regular basisStage 1: You put your business or organisation website up with great intentions to keep it current and up to date but then you get side-tracked by other issues or simply don't have time.

Stage2: You find it is just easier and more fun to update your Facebook page AND everyone seems to “like” you and you get people being your “friend” and making comments!


....and you will see that, given your potential market in the area, there really aren't that many people who “like” you or are your “friends” and that any “comments” you get seem to come from the same few people!

WHERE'S IT GONE?.... know you know it! Put something on your Facebook page and it pops up instantly on your “friends” or “likes” page. Within a few minutes, it's disappeared to the bottom of their page or they have already turned off notifications from you because there's too many or they have lost interest!

You are only communicating with a small number of your potential customers if you put all your efforts into Facebook. You should communicate your message on your global website first and then let the Facebook community know about it.

NetStretch content management makes it very easy to keep your website up to date and then update your Facebook page or any other social network page with a couple of clicks.


People start their website with the best of intentions to keep it updated and relevant but even with the best will in the world, the daily demands of running their business usually means that the company website is way down on their list of priorities. This is a shame as the longer a site is left neglected, the lower it will rank on Google, the less people will visit it and the more expensive it becomes to revive.

NetStretch offers a site content maintenance package to suit any size of website for an awful lot less than it would pay a company to keep their site up to date in any other way.

No matter where you are based throught the UK or Ireland, whether you are existing client or a new one, whether you currently have a website or not, give us a call today or email us to see if we can benefit your company. You've got nothing to lose and lots to potentially gain, if only for some free advice or support.

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A lot of businesses are using Facebook. Facebook gives businesses a great opportunity to promote their products and services. However, a Facebook page should not be seen as a substitute for their own website.

Some businesses don't even bother with their own website, preferring to use their Facebook page. Indeed some businesses that do have their own website focus more on building their Facebook fan base and updating their Facebook page and forget about their own website.

Your website should be the main hub your online presence. All your blogging, news and events should be focused on your own website. Then simply post the web address of your piece of news on your Facebook page to let all your friends and fans see it first. The best plan is to use Facebook to communicate with customers and potential customers and then send them to your own website to see your news and offers.

Have you ever thought would happen all of your friends and fans on Facebook if it folded up tomorrow?
They would simply disappear. Facebook wouldn't even need to fold for this to happen. They could close your account for violating some new terms and conditions. In the future, Facebook may even ban pages it perceives as business related or move them to a new business related social media network.

That is why you need your own business website which you can control and will continue as long as you maintain it.

Do you need your own business website even though you can use Facebook to communicate with your customers?
Absolutely. Facebook is something you do in addition to your your own website, not instead of. Most of the Internet is not on Facebook. It's big within some circles, but most people, and most of your own website's visitors do not (and probably never will) use Facebook. Not everyone on Facebook is as active on it as you are. Just look at your own Facebook page and you will see that it is the same small band of people posting on a regular basis.

Facebook is like "preaching to the converted" and will not attract many new customers. New customers should be converted by your own website and then directed your Facebook page if they are a Facebook user. And remember, most of them probably are not!


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